Sunday, 18 December 2011

Updates & apologies

Sorry for lack of posting - I was really meaning to get more done but, as happens every year but is forever taking all my customers by surprise, it's nearly Christmas. So all those jobs that could have been done gradually over the last few months - especially in October when we had f*** all in the way of work - have now got to be done by (probably last Friday) but certainly by about Wednesday.

Because everyone else wants to stop work for Christmas.

And they all think of this in the first week of December. And then they all need someone higher up than them to sign off artwork/provide additional pictures/no, that's not quite right but no-one will be in till Tuesday to approve it and then we need the finished goods by Wednesday/no, we can't get the tape to you till Monday (if it passes its Tech Review)/oh and can we also have ....

And in the meantime I try to pretend that I am ready for Christmas. No, I haven't got any presents yet - because you haven't given me the jobs, and thereby the purchase orders which enable me to get the money.

And I am not bitter.

In other news - younger son came back from Germany, completely sick free on return trip, although I suspect he was dosed up by the teachers. Apparently they served up his birthday cake on the coach on the way back, after the ferry - ie on the way back from Dover "to make sure that no-one was sick after it". Well thanks, folks, much appreciated.

He also got a certificate - for special mention "Vom-cano" and an award (of a Germanic key ring) for the most tacky souvenir (a snowglobe thing which broke on the way home!). Still, he enjoyed it. 'Cos he got to haggle and to spend all my money.

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