Thursday, 8 December 2011

I am officially the world's worst mother

Yes, I am. Yesterday, younger son went off on school trip to Cologne at 6am. Yes, that's right 6am. We were just about awake. And then we went back to bed.

Woke at 10am. Crawled downstairs. Phone rang. It was school. Could Mr N ring us back re younger son who was being travel sick and they wanted to buy him some travel sickness pills. Yes, of course he could.

Phone rang. Mr N less than happy. Younger son had been sick five times between Bristol and Dover, first time less than half an hour after they'd left school. AND HE HAD NO TRAVEL SICKNESS MEDICATION.

This was bad for him, bad for the staff and bad for the other kids who were sitting near him. Could they buy him some stuff? AND I AM CLEARLY A BAD MOTHER.

It was only later that I realised that Mr N had rung the home phone 3 times (and left a message) and rung my mobile twice (and left a message) and that he was probably slightly desparate by now as I hadn't answered any calls - 'cos I hadn't heard the home phone ringing and my mobile was switched off.

By now, I realise I am the world's worst mum. I have sent my son off on a trip (which included a ferry crossing), having ticked the "I suffer from travel sickness" box and I haven't given him anything to counteract this. What was I thinking of?

Well, to be honest, quite a lot of things. Firstly I spent part of the day before making a pair of comfy joggers which said son was hugely appreciative of. And then, I made him a birthday cake. This actually turned out to be the crappest birthday cake I have ever made, by quite a long shot, and at the risk of being severely ridiculed I post a picture here:

Well, at least I tried to, but all I've managed to do is post said awful picture at the top of this blog, and to be honest, that's probably scared most readers off. I need to get on top of this posting lark, and sooner rather than later.

And secondly - I post this in mitigation (yes, I know, there are no excuses) but .... said son wasn't at all sick on coaches going to year 5 camp, year 6 camp, year 7 camp. Nor on the train going to Manchester for a tournament. He's only ever sick in the car going to Grandma's (40 minutes down the motorway). And, to be honest, he doesn't ever go anywhere else (bed - Xbox- bed).

And also I thought that as they were going at 6am in the morning, and he'd asked to take a pillow with him, that there was a strong chance that he'd just be asleep anyway.

And I have been replying to their Twitters - yes, I even signed up to Twitter for this trip - but still I know - I AM A BAD MOTHER.


  1. Oh, and Lisa's eyes were added by my children, who thought they were hilarious.

  2. That is a truly magnificent cake.

    Ronan used to be so travel sick that I volunteered for all school trips and took a receptacle for him, though we only ever needed it once. But one year, my mother took him and his brother on holiday, and an hour into the journey braked absurdly sharply (I got the whole story from Al) because there was a blackbird on the road. Which flew away. The startled dog fell into the gap between front and back seats and had to be bodily lifted out (a large labrador) and Ro started a migraine from the jolting. He was sick for the next 200 miles.

  3. Well thanks, Z, but he has to do the return journey tomorrow, albeit with a stop at Aachen. And I have to pick him up at school tomorrow night at 23.15 - or whenever they actually get there.

    Big problem is that one of my jobs is I'm an exam invigilator at that school. In fact, I'm their most experienced invigilator and I take charge of all their big exams (whole sports hall full, multiple finishes, etc). Oh, and occasionally I help out in the finance office when they're short. So I had a completely different relationship with head of MFL when I was sorting out books which or had not been ordered. So until quite recently I'm a good person, respected by the deputy head who rang me (the one on the trip) and I'm a sort of all round good person.

    So can I ever recover from the fact that I'm the sort of person who sends the child on a trip WITHOUT MEDICATION?