Sunday, 26 May 2013

What comes around, goes around - the theory of relativity in a musical context

I was talking to Little John yesterday.  He has a record shop, well half of it's on the pavement outside, and he was standing out in the sun.  We discussed the demise of CDs and the rise of interest in cassettes.  He was saying that vinyl was still going strong although the youngsters had to ask how you could skip to the next track, and had difficulty with the concept that you turned the record over to play the other side.

He then went on to tell me of a friend of his who was selling record carrying cases online. 
One potential customer had queried whether the 12" cases would be big enough for his records as they were 33⅓".  Oh, how we laughed, especially as his 45" records were going to be even smaller!


The exciting life of an exam invigilator

I've done the register of all the students - 62, a smallish size crowd today.  Not that I'm counting or anything.  It's only five past nine.

I've read the AS English Language paper, all 16 pages (okay, the last two were blank).  Not that I'm counting or anything.  It's only ten past nine.

I've counted all the students with glasses (six, since you ask) and those who are left-handed (ten) and I'm sure that the students taking Probability and Statistics  could compute the Pearson correlation coefficient of those (I've no idea what that is).  It's only quarter past nine.

I could count the number of ceiling tiles or the number of brackets holding the pipes to the wall - but that would be nerdy.

I could compute the number of squares there are in the cricket nets - but then I might lose count part way through  -  too risky.

Thing is  -  I'm going to be here till eleven-thirty  -  so I better think of something.