Saturday, 26 January 2013

All chequed out

I wrote a cheque this week for my allotment rent.

The stubs in my cheque book revealed that the last cheque I wrote before that was a year ago - for my allotment rent last year.

These days I do virtually all my banking online or paying by debit card.  No wonder youngsters today have no idea how to write a cheque.

How many cheques have you written recently?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Be careful who you know

A month or two ago OH got a form that he (didn't bother to) fill in from the BBC (as he's now a BBC pensioner, I'm not because I took all my pension out whilst I could but he wasn't allowed to) asking whether he'd been affected by the Savile situation..
Then yesterday there seemed to be a bit of a shot in foot situation.
My youngest quite liked The Tweenies.  But he liked Jake:
Apologies but I did have to rescue him from under the end of the bed.  JS had nothing to do with that.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I can't get out of the house!

Finally, I have managed to persuade pictures into Blogger again.  This is the view from my front door.  That bush is usually about 8 foot up, but the weight of snow has brought it down to less than 3 foot:

And this is the view from across the road.  Yes, there is a house behind there!

This is the view up the road:

And this is the view from the pavement.  As you can see the postie's been already - he must have been a limbo dancer.

And just as a curiousity, we have scaffolding outside our house and some of the snow is attached to the underside of it which gives it a rather decorative appearance.  In fact from further away it looks like a giant spider's web.
 So how is the snow with you?
I texted my son to tell him to take care because the snow on the roads would be icy.  Predictive text turned that into the pony on the roads would be gay. 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I remember going there

I saw a news item yesterday about the museum of costume in Bath which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013.

I remember visiting there as a child, but as it must have opened in 1963 and I left home in 1971 then it would have been a fairly new museum when I went.  Not that I realised, although I suppose that's because it's housed in a much older building.

I remember getting several of these which I carefully coloured in and cut out. 

Did I mention my highest grade at 'O' Level was for Needlework?