Friday, 2 December 2011

So, went up last Sunday, found trowel, dug over area where last set of raspberries should be planted, but too many of those nasty big white roots to remove, so a rough dig and maybe I'll get those canes in soon.

In other news, I ordered a green bin about two months ago. To those of you not in my local area, a green bin is a full sized dustbin in which you can deposit garden waste (even including those tomato plants which succumbed to blight) and cardboard and food waste (which to me means cooked stuff, bread, eggshells, etc), in other words the food waste which I didn't want to put into the compost bin. I know some of you might think that eggshells could also go into the compost bin, but experience tells me that rats are partial to egg shells and I now have distinct attitudes to wasps (which I will tell you about sometime) and to rats (

So - I ordered said green bin about two months ago. I know, that's a bit vague but then they were a bit vague as to when it might be delivered, but hey, green-ness,that's not overly precise, is it?

Waited - because these things don't get delivered overnight, and I just have to wait until the next delivery of said bins in my area.

Okaaaaaay. Rang to ask where said bin might be. Initial phone answer (and I am on the rubbish/recycling - well I would say hotline, but that's a bit....) line, and before I can even choose any options I'm told that since [new company] have officially taken over from [old company] this week, that they've had "issues" with distribution of green bins and there's a backlog. So I start my conversation with (a real person!) to say that I appreciate there are issues, etc, but where am I on the waiting list for green bins????

She looks up my account and says she can see my request (yay! - but shortlived) and that I've had my request for a green bin cancelled. Because .....? Because I live in a block of flats so therefore I can't have one. (Erm, I live in a road of 52 Victorian terraced houses, and I live half way down the road.....)

Okaaaaay. "I've had my request cancelled because I'm already organic." WTF does this mean? "Because you've already got a green bin." But I've lived here since 1983 (which is probably before.... - you don't need me to carry on here) and we've never had a green bin. We are quite organic, because I've got an allotment, but ..... that's a reason for not delivering a bin ...................?

Anway, two weeks ago they promised to deliver green bin, and that I was now a priority ........

Just watch this space.

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