Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sorry about previous post. I was trying to insert a picture (of the aforementioned trampoline) and not only could I only post it at the top of the post, but then it put in ridiculous paragraph spacing. How come you can never do these things easily?

Anyhow, I was trying to tell you that I've sold the trampoline via Trade-It and I got £15 for it. It's actually been advertised for over a year now, because most of the Yummy Mummies (or Daddies) want to buy one of those circular trampolines with a net all the way round, in case precious Tarquin (actually they're not quite that bad round here) falls off and bumps his head. So the market for a trampoline (or I'm sure this used to be called a trampet) is limited. Fortunately the buyer had already experience of this kind of thing, and this was exactly what he wanted. Phew!

I remember buying that trampoline. I paid £5 for it, in a secondhand kids stuff shop on Worrall Road - I wonder if it's still there. And I bought it when oldest son (now 22) was in nursery, so aged rising 4. I remember we loaned it to the school in the summer term as they were raising funds to pay for some new playground equipment and they had a sponsored jump-off - how many jumps can you do in a minute - and I remember lending our trampoline so they could get through it quicker.

Sad to say, the playground equipment that we went to such trouble to raise money for was removed about seven years later because it wasn't deemed fit for health and safety purposes and a completely new set of (completely bland) equipment was installed.

Still, at least we've had at least 18 years worth of use of that trampoline (okay it has had big fallow periods between the children) and I've got back more for it than I paid. Although you'll probably tell me about the difference in what money's worth.


  1. Sounds like good value to me. Although trampolines can go up as well as down.

  2. Trampolines are a bit like yoyos in that respect, Rog.