Wednesday, 11 July 2012

W-w-w-w-w-w-wet again

Jeeeeze!!!  We've just gone from pretty dry and sunny to the biggest raindrops in the world.  Daughter said, "have you still got washing out?" - and at that point it was probably almost dry - and by the time I'd brought it in I was totally soaked.  Had to change my clothes, that soaked. 

I know I should be grateful that I live in a hilly city, and that for us to be flooded probably 40% of the country would be underwater, but still....

Why do I now think that rain is the default option?

Does anyone know a means of nudging the Gulf Stream back on course (ie north of the UK), otherwise we're all buggered from now till kingdom come?

Have you ever seen so many slugs?  And where have all these black slugs come from?

Yours, wetly....


  1. Is it the gulf stream or the jet stream? I'm confused. An article in the Grauniad used the terms as if they were synonymous, whereas I thought gulf was water and jet was air?

    As for slugs, they'll probably inherit the earth, them and the ants. Best chum up to them now.

  2. My calculations show a spooky correlation between hosepipe bans and biblical deluge. Simples.

  3. Why the jet stream is in the wrong position is anyone's guess. We're not being told. It's sinister. Could be a misfiring spell... which would explain Rog's observation.

  4. From personal experience, watch out for the slugs on the milk bottles. Don't want them in your fridge!