Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SAD or just tired?

I have a clock in my kitchen.  Looks like this.  Has an AA battery.  It's been there for years.  It always used to run very slightly fast, which was quite useful as it meant that in reality I still had a couple of minutes in hand, if you see what I mean.

About three weeks ago it stopped, so I changed the battery.  A day later it stopped again, so I changed the battery again.  When it stopped a day after that I thought there must be something wrong with the clock itself, but no, the terminals looked clean and nothing was out of place.  I left it lying face down on the table.

When I came back later it had started ticking again, so I hung it up.  Over the next few weeks it would run for maybe 10, maybe 20 hours at a time and then stop.  Every time I laid it face down on the table and within about 5 minutes it had started again.  I came to the conclusion that my clock was tired and just needed a rest.

But since we've gone back to summer again, it hasn't stopped once.  Does my clock suffer from SAD, do you think?


  1. Only if it's reverse SAD.

    But, it is always sad when an old and trusty dies, isn't it? Mr BW ad to take our old defunct CRT TV to the recycling/tip last week as I coudln't bear to.

  2. Far from dying, it's now gone back to normal (ie running slightly fast). Although several other bits of equipment were suffering from the heat yesterday.