Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mud, glorious mud!

On Saturday I took my daughter to a very wet and muddy field on the edge of Exmoor, helped her put up her tent and then left her there.  Later I spotted a picture of her that had been posted online:

That's her on the right, in the brown.  Still at least she's smiling.  On Sunday morning she was snapped again, just before the race:

Still smiling, but at least she's changed into clean(er) clothes.  Later she had an even bigger, cheesier grin (her words):

That's her in the middle.  And what have I been doing since then?  Well, washing, obviously.


  1. Well done, her! I'm sure you're proud - also, if needed, she can buy you a new washing machine with the prize money.

    1. She won £150. When I told her younger brother he said "Doesn't she owe you £100?" That's kids for you. I've lost count of how much she owes me.

  2. Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood - well done, AQ and daughter of AQ!