Friday, 15 February 2013

You're only as old as you sound

Went into living room today.  To 19-yr-old daughter: "Can you turn it down a bit please?"
(I've clearly turned into my parents) 

Then recognition kicks in and I realise that she's listening to Radio 1 Essential Mix.  Which she downloaded at least a year ago.  So actually I recognise all the tunes/songs/mixes/WTF do you call them these days?

But then I also recognise the jingles.  Which leads me on to Annie Nightingale.  Hands up anyone who's never heard of her.

So I ask teenagers who are in the house how old they think Ms Nightingale is:

15 yr-old son:  29.

19 yr-old daughter:  22/23.

59 yr-old dad:  64.

Well actually on her birthday, April 1st since you ask, she will be 71.  (Shock, horror!)

"So why do you think she's only 22/23?"

Daughter:  "Well she plays music so loud".


  1. Jo Wiley was named after the phenomena by which she is paid about £600k a year of licence payer's money yet possesses not a single discernible crumb of talent.

  2. Annie was great though....