Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Marginal, my eye!

*sighs*  I spent yesterday afternoon in the Eye Hospital (again).  Even though I'd rung up and made an appointment, when I entered the A&E waiting room there were 27 other people there.  Granted some of them were accompanying rather than actual patients, but still a lot.  And you never know whether a real emergency is going to come through the door, and push you all further down the queue.

I now realise that Nick Knowles has gone (probably back) to daytime TV as there was a programme called Perfection on the big screen TV in the waiting room.  I could only hazard a guess as to how this quiz worked as they never turn the sound up enough that you can properly hear it.  And as half of us were sitting there nursing a sore eye then I hope the programme was aimed at a target audience of half deaf, half blind people.

I should perhaps say that I've been wearing glasses since I was 7, and then contact lenses since I was 17.  Without them I cannot even read the big letter at the top.  About five years ago I first got an ulcer on my left eye.  Since then I've had two further ulcers, one on each eye.  They're quite painful, obviously you can't wear lenses, and you become very susceptible to light.  It usually means six weeks of eye drops.  I've also had marginal keratitis (which is what I've got again this time) which is not quite so severe as there's no infection but it still means four weeks of steroid eyedrops.  Which means I have to wear my glasses.  Which are not as good as my lenses.  Which makes me grumpy.


  1. Ouch!

    I got a corneal ulcer a few years back, due to getting shingles in my head ( ouch) and had to stop wearing my contact lenses. I hate wearing glasses but like you can't see to function at all without them - I can't even see the screen never mind any letters on it!
    - been like it since I was 12 :-(

    So you have my deepest sympathies and best wishes for as speedy recovery as possible.

  2. As another in the blind as a bat club, sympathies.

    How do you keep gettig all these infections?

    Have they suggested you change your disinfecting routine/soluntion?

  3. It's not the lens cleaning/disinfecting, it's caused by blepharitis.

    Apart from cleaning the lash line with water with some bicarb in which I was already doing, they're now saying put a hot compress on the eye for five minutes to soften any grease within the lash pores. Do they not know you can't keep a compress anything like hot for more than about a minute?

    It may be that eating more oily fish would help. Or I could take cod liver oil, which seems like regressing to childhood. Although I can't remember why we were ever given it.

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    1. You should have tried being naughty more often and the correlation would have become more apparent...