Sunday, 9 December 2012

How tasty is your skin?

They're back.  Bugger.

To insects I have the tastiest skin on earth.  They especially like the bits of my legs just above the top of the sock line.

Five years ago I got well and truly bitten by horse flies. And before I knew it, they'd turned into leg ulcers.   I went through I don't know how many hospital (dis)appointments before they gave up and I was referred back to my local GP practice nurses (where I clearly should have stayed all along).

And then I had to have triple layer bandaging, which seems to take up half your life.  Half hour appointments, twice a week.  To be honest, it was quite a good chat time.  My main nurse I'd known for years via school, so we just had a good natter. But it does take up quite a lot of your life. 

And the big problem with triple layer bandaging is that the only shoes that fitted were my black Crocs which are a bit on the big side - and NOT AT ALL SUITABLE UNLESS THE WEATHER IS DRY.

So far I have been wearing the compression stockings I still had from last time, but tomorrow I may get told that's not enough.  Fingers crossed, eh?

Oh, and I have antibiotics against a possible infection I have.  To be taken on an empty stomach, or at least two hours since last food.  And no food for another hour after.

So you have to take these meds at a predetermined point within a 3-hour slot.  I'm writing timings down, but it's doing my head in.  At least I seem to be eating about a third of my usual amount because I'm never quite sure where I am within this timescale.  Add that to the fact that the antibiotics might make you a bit "squitty" - and well you're not going to eat when you'll be in a situation where you can't rush off to the loo ...


  1. Oh love, that sounds awful. Do you mean it's the original bites that are still causing trouble, or has it happened again?

  2. No, it's happened again. Having consulted NHS Direct it would seem that I'm lucky it's taken five years for them to reappear, two years would be more the norm. I've been given a stay of grace until after Christmas. The ulcers have to be there for six weeks before they start the dreaded bandaging. Personally I thought they looked slightly better today, but then I would say that, wouldn't I? Ever the optimist.

  3. Most people have no idea how dangerous insect bites can be, the consequences can be very serious. I'm so sorry, I hope it clears up soon and doesn't recur again.

  4. I recommend honey. Apply liberally and cover loosely with a bandage. Beekeeper honey is better than shop if you can get any. Sorry I'm thousands of miles away or I'd send you some!

    Local practice nurse, and the local riding stable, swear by our honey for that purpose.

  5. Do you mean honey for the insect bites or the (exuding) ulcers?

  6. The ulcers - for the insect bites, one of those zappy clicky things Boots sells. Makes your own body do the work and it works like a dream for everyone I've ever recommended it to.