Sunday, 2 December 2012

Counting the pennies

Cheesy Wotsits.  For those of you who know what they are.

On offer in the Co-op for £1.59 a 12-pack of Wotsits.  On the shelf below a 6-pack of Wotsits.  Cost?  £1.61.

Now why would I want to pay 2p more for half the quantity?

Lucky I'm good at maths.


  1. I actually like cheesy whatsits - only one in the house who does, though!

    The Co op seem determined to baffle with their offers- yesterday I ended up getting a lovely, but worried store manager giving me a refund, simply because he could not work out if I was correct or not in my complaint about the lack of a certain discount on my till recipt. I was correct - I had bought the items and the (£4) reduction had not been applied to the total

    but even he could not follow the arcane workings of the discount system! So he gave me the discount, anyway :-)

    Good job I am honest...!

  2. One could understand it if it were in T£$co...

    I can't bear the smell of those things. I also know how they're made, having worked on R&D for McVities one summer... including working on how to spray the popped snakes. Vile.

  3. What kind of snakes would they be then? Not adders, surely?

    I worked in a commercial bakery when I was a student, so I now know how the gelatin is put into pork pies. I still eat them occasionally, though. I just avoid the gelatin.