Friday, 20 September 2013

Race day

Brilliant!!  Jess has qualified for the 4x World Championships tomorrow!  I knew she could do it!  Better get ready to watch it tomorrow live on RedBullTV.

So happy that me and @[534866921:2048:Cara Murray] have made it through qualifying to race 4x world champs in Leogang, Austria tomorrow!! So excited!!

Sorry, this is crap positioning of pics and you probably can't even read the start list on the right, but this is my daughter, Jess (on the left), and her friend Cara who have just qualified to ride in the 2013 4X World Championships tomorrow in Leogang, Austria.  You can watch it here:

although, to be honest, she's qualified 16th out of 16 so may not last much longer than the first race which will take about a minute, so blink and you've missed it, but even so it's the biggest race of her life and as you can see she's really excited.  I think she's probably also the youngest female rider there, so - hey, scope for development.

And I'm her proud mum.


  1. Well done to both girls - and the GB lady who was 2nd.

    What a great experience and quite an achievement for Jess. Well bred, mummy!

  2. Thank you for watching. Katy is not over pleased with being 2nd although her mother and I both think it's quite an achievement, not least because she started in gate 3 and the advantage diminishes the further along the gates you start (which is why Jess and Cara were unlikely to do all that well as they both started in gate 4 in their heats) unless those ahead of you take each other out. And it's pretty scary, as I'm sure you will have appreciated. So all in all I think they had a wonderful experience and then were pretty happy to hang out in the finish area to congratulate their colleagues.

    And it's all down to her big brother sitting on her bike when she was three and breaking the stabilisers thus forcing her to ride independently!!