Monday, 3 June 2013

Oops, I've done it again!

In the days when MIL was compos mentis we often used to visit on Sundays, have lunch, come home again, and then in the evening I would cook a light meal.  Sometimes this was macaroni cheese. 

About, say, twenty years ago I did this - except one day I mistakenly used icing sugar instead of cornflour to thicken the cheese sauce.  It was completely inedible, of course, and since then I've been very careful about which one I use.  (I should say at this point that I buy them both loose and they live in very similar looking jars.)

Tonight I managed a similar feat.

A standard last minute dessert - only the OH usually has dessert - is a meringue nest with fruit (in this case raspberries out of the freezer) and cream. 

I tasted the raspberries which were a bit tart, so I added some icing sugar and served it up.

So what was wrong?

Clearly after x o'clock at night I cannot tell the difference between a jar containing icing sugar and one containing salt.

I am currently not that popular.


  1. Some people are so fussy about food!

    1. Ha ha ha! If he is the only one having it maybe he should pull his finger out and do it himself...

  2. Strangely I have had similar comments today at school ... Clearly I have failed, probably at some quite distant past in our relationship. I fear there is no going back now - misplaced ingredients or not.

  3. It's a new slant on the old hairspray/deodorant mix-up!

    Where can you buy those dry goods loose in this day and age?

  4. Scoopaway. Local shop. Like a little treasure trove. Even does gluten free.

  5. Scoopaway should become a national chain. Oh... wait...

    Actually, it sounds like the perfect brand name for a pooper scooper.