Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Texts that you don't want to receive

"Can you find out how much it would be to rebook the ferry? we took a wrong turn on the way"

swiftly followed by:

"And not sire if were pn toll roads? :("

Sent by daughter on her way driving back from Leogang in Austria via Dunkirk.  A route that was supposed to go through Germany and Belgium.  She is now in France heading for Luxembourg.  Can't find Dunkirk on satnav.  Has lost road map.

They have to catch the ferry as her friend is at work in Birmingham the next morning.

Will they make it?


  1. Well, did they make it, the suspense is killing me....

  2. *Sighs*

    You don't get rid of kids that easily. She ended up sitting outside Birmingham New Street station for two hours because her friend had to be at work for 9 and her train ticket was for 11.15 and it would cost £40 to change it for an earlier one (ticket only cost £13.50 in the first place). And then she slept for 12 hours.