Friday, 2 March 2012

Babies galore!

Following on from DG's excellent list of Leap Day facts, including a link to Raenell's site celebrating Leap Day babies - it would seem the current stock of Leap Day quads (ie. one) has just doubled.

Did you notice that - four babies, four links - clever, eh? Mind you, I've never embedded links before so they might not work.


  1. And they're non-IVF quads!

    Your links work fine: if you add [target="_blank"]into the link code you'll get them to open in a new window.

    eg your last link would be [a target="_blank" href=""]doubled[/a] (replacing square brackets with witchy hats, obviously). Presuming, of coure, that Blogger actually lets you see/alter the code you're using these days...

  2. Wow! Thanks, BW, I've learnt something new today then. Much quicker to load that way. I shall now fill all my posts with countless links. What? You think that's too much? Hmm. On balance, you're probably right. They can get quite annoying.

    They might be non-IVF, but I wonder slightly about the exact timing of the caesarian section - you don't think they maybe brought it forward/ delayed it by the odd day perchance?

    1. I like links. Provided you use the correct word to link around. Anyone who doesn't like them can ignore them.

      I'm sure there's a way of putting a blank version of the link code on a single key entry to save retyping every time... I have it on a voice command for when I'm using the VRS.