Saturday, 18 February 2012

This and that

On popping out to buy a phone top-up voucher for younger son this morning I noticed in the confectionary near the till that Cadbury "Olympic mascots" were 2 for £1. Except that the goods on offer were actually Aero lambs, Cadbury mini eggs and Maltesers. When I commented on this to the lad on the till he asked "What's an Olympic mascot? Is it a lion or something?" Seems I'm not the only one with a lack of interest in the Olympics, although I have heard of the mascots - I just can't remember their names as it's all so twee.

In other news, older son has had his car wrapped. At first we thought he'd had a respray and were horrified as that surely would have knocked at least 3 grand off its value. There was nothing wrong with it before, he just fancied a different colour. So now it's white instead of silver, white being the new black as it were. This is now being seen as "a good thing" in this household, as it's protecting the original paintwork and can be "unwrapped" at any time to return to the silver. Just think, if I'd written this paragraph twenty years ago you wouldn't even know what I was talking about.


  1. No, when I see "wrapped" my brain inserts "round a lamp post".

  2. I have to say, that was my first reaction too!

    I've no idea what the Olympic mascot is, I only know that strange logo that looks unpleasantly suggestive.

  3. What they both said...

    I'd never heard of this sort of car wrapping. Sounds a good idea to prevent stone chips etc.

    Has your son notified his insurance company, and DVLA that the colour has changed (even if temporarily)?

    If not the insurers could attempt to refuse to pay out on any claim. Colour is a highly material part of insurance - the same car in different colourways can actually cost more or less to insure (some colours being more desirable/stealable) than others. Also, if it's listed incorrectly on the DVLA database, he will find himself in difficulties if he is stopped by the police, or caught speeding.

  4. Have now looked it up. Explains the heavy advertising branding of some vehicles I've seen around. And, for that, it's cheaper than signwriting.

    BUT, I don't think you've brunged your son up proper if he thinks this is good value. £600++++ for a small car?!!

    If he lives at home, I'd charge him more rent if I were you!

    Also explains why several souped-up boy racers we've clocked on Speedwatch doing excessive speed through the village were "no trace: incorrect colour" when HQ tried to look them up on the PNC to send warning letters. I'll have to let HQ know of this practice...

  5. (Sighs) No, it's a Porsche. And he's bought a personalised number plate. Where did I go wrong?

    But yes, the authorities have been/are being notified.

    Still, it's one way you could get a blue car, isn't it?