Thursday, 12 January 2012

Headless body found in grounds of Bristol hospital

Quote from BBC Bristol website today:

"A headless body has been found in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital in the Brislington area of Bristol......It is thought the body, and the head found nearby, are those of a man and they had been there for six months.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said the death did not appear to be suspicious ........"

Really? Not even the teensy weensiest bit?


  1. Oh, they've now updated it to mention the possibility of animal disturbance. Don't newsfolk actually read what they've written these days?

    1. Tis is very reminiscent of a similar situation from the early 80s. Psychiatric hospital in Sherborne where I was working. Patient goes around saying, "I've got a head!" Nobody believed him. Until he said it to me. "Show me?" I said. And wished I hadn't. Full police enquiry revealed it was from the hosptial mortuary (morticians were trying to pretend a head hadn't disappeared...). Fortunately. Taught me to always question people as to what they meant though.